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Rock Salt Source Inc. is a national supplier of Treated Road Salt used by states, counties, cities, communities, oil and gas companies, landscapers and snow professionals to help keep our roadways, highways and parking lots safe during winter's inclement weather. Rock Salt Source sells the best quality bulk decing and industrial salt; providing its customers with superior service that stands above all others. Our deicing salt is of a high level of purity and meets American Society for Testing and Materials ("ASTM") specifications. We are bulk salt supplier. We ensure prompt delivery and service.

Bagged Salt is available in various sizes, including 10 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb., and 80 lb. bags. It is fast acting and has superior melting power. The Rock Salt begins melting ice quickly and keeps melting it for an extended period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals. The smallest crystals dissolve quickly while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of rock salt needed to get the job done. Our bagged salt is easy to apply and we are available to answer all customer questions and take orders with attention to the finest details.

All decisions are made with the customer in mind. We also now have available medium coarse screened salt for bagging. Shipments can be made by barge, truck and rail. Rail Services are available to most transloading facilities. Deliveries to Private Spurs/Sidings, are available as well. Our rail cars hold 98-100 tons per car, in bulk. If you email us, please leave your name and number as well as quantity for rail, truck or barge rates. To know more about us

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Making Streets And Highways Safe..!!

Rock Salt Source Inc. Source FG Salt, a Road Salt Supplier of highway deicing products, helping to keep roadways safe in the U.S. and Canada. We provide the highest quality Road Salt, Solar Salt, Eco- Friendly Packaged Deicing Salt, and Bagged Salt throughout North America. We are also suppliers of Silicon Dioxide, CaCo3, Gypsum, AU, and Perlite, which are also produced from the mine. Source FG Salt works with hundreds of local authorities, government agencies, private landscapers and businesses to help them gain maximum advantage. Making streets and highways safer is our business. Our customers are throughout Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, Deleware, Connecticut and surrounding states. We are capable of expediting salt within 48 hours of receipt of order.

We have built this business with "Quality and Integrity". For decades we have been doing business with this attitude and we believe in treating people fair and honestly. We have built strong relationships with our customers to ensure they continue to come to us for their bulk salt and de-icing needs year after year. To see our full site & know more about us

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The top bulk Road Salt wholesalers and Frac sand Suppliers.!!

We are bulk suppliers of rock salt, frac sand and barite with access to docks, in various posts, around the US. This allows us to provide supplies to our customers all year round. On top of this, we work with the best shipping and trucking companies in the industry. What does this mean for you as a customer? This allows us to speed up the delivery process and to ship to you on short notice when you most need it. It also allows us to ship to various regions in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and other International destinations making it easier for customers in any location, to place an order, and receive it in a timely manner.

We have one single goal as a bulk supplier, and that is to provide our customers with the finest quality rock salt, medium bagged salt, frac sand and barite. We do this, all while offering the best rates for your bulk orders. We strive to provide world class service, the best quality salt, and rates which are well below that of our competitors in the industry. No matter which industry your business is in, or what different uses you have for the rock salt or frac sand you are ordering, we provide you with the best possible service, the fastest shipping times, guarantees and the lowest prices for the bulk order you are going to place with us.

Rock salt is used in various industries. From restaurants and restaurant suppliers which use various rock salts in the kitchen, to farmers who use salt licks in their livestocks' corral, in order for them to absorb essential nutrients, there are various uses for rock salt. Whether you need to order in bulk quantities for your restaurant, for your kitchen supply showroom, for your farming industry, or for the upcoming winter season, we are the ultimate shippers for bulk orders of rock salt. We are simply your #1 rock and road salt supplier. If you need frac sand,


You have found where to buy bulk rock salt, barite and frac sand for sale...!!

If you need to purchase bulk rock salt, storage of a large amount of rock salt purchased through us or through another company or need transport and delivery service of product, we can handle the load. Do you need an industrial drying facility to make product dry purchased from another vendor? We can handle that. Do you need a boatload of rock salt shipped to you? We do that too. Rock Salt Source is the top supplier, logistics. Contact us with any rock salt bulk need. We handle that. Did we mention that we have a world class customer service team that can help you quickly. USA - CANADA - UK - NATIONAL ROCK SALT SALES!! CALL NOW!! National Service And Sales Number: 888-782-2203.

Where To Buy Bulk Rock Salt Sale Supply Locations through out the USA including Chicago, IL. Kentucky, Massachusetts, Detroit, MI. Minnesota, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Buffalo, NY. Cleveland, OH. Wisconsin, with many other locations. We have access to docks and ports. We can fill your bulk salt supplier all year long. In addition, we can deliver too many locations and to speed up the process of delivering to your location we have extensive knowledge of transporting bulk product. To know more about us

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